Saturday, October 1, 2011

Well Done!

Margo Macdonald hanging art for the museum show.

The "intertwined" image gave this effort a life of its own; so many subtleties in a word that caused everything and everyone to come together.   Pat Lantz

Last evening's reception was an affirmation of the power of community.  With the forest for a muse the participating painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, museum folks, financial supporters and park lovers (official and otherwise) created something special.  We can't save the trees from their fate, but from what I hear, we have influenced the approach that will be taken to mitigate damages.  Congratulations all, well done.  Besides that, the event was remarkably well attended and received, new people were introduced to our wonderful museum.... and I believe a few art pieces were sold to boot.  If you couldn't make the opening reception please stop by the museum before Oct. 16th, Tues-Sun, 10AM-5PM.  There is no charge to view the lobby exhibit.

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