Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harbor Wild Watch at Kopachuck Park

Kopachuck Park includes the trees and their interface with the waters of Puget Sound.  The trees are very much intertwined with the marine ecosystem.  Marine creatures, plants and the dynamics of the seashore must also adapt to the changes coming to the riparian uplands of the park.  Harbor Wild Watch is a local environmental education group that provides summertime fun & learning opportunities right on the beach at Kopachuck.  Many children and the fortunate adults that accompany them have forged deep connections with the park and its shoreline.  It's never too late to learn and have fun doing it!   Visit HWW at Donkey Creek Park and in the Harbor History Museum parking lot for the Chum Festival in Gig Harbor this Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM.  Thank you to HWW for their participation in the Intertwined show, don't forget to check it out in the HHM lobby while you're at the Chum Fest. 

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