Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kopachuck logging operation.... Reality bites!

photo by John Filson

Click here for the Gateway article about stage I of the Kopachuck Park management implementation.  As difficult as it is to accept, the logging performed so far at Kopachuck State Park has been "according to contract".  It is in line with the expectations of the Park planners and Commissioners, if not with some local citizens.  There have been huge efforts made to communicate from both sides of this management challenge.  Truth is, there is no way to make clear cut logging pretty.  The decision to cut was made with much deliberation and discussion and now a little faith is required.  Faith that nature will prevail in the long run.  The forest will never be the same, but it will grow again, a spring green and healthy new woodland.  I just hope you took the opportunity to appreciate the big trees while you could.  Now I hope you'll appreciate the green spirits of a vibrant understory as it does what nature does best, grow.  Adaptation is the name of the game, change is the only guarantee.

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