Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ode to Thyne Trees!

Soaring skyward in calm quiet strength,
shafts of beauty reaching to stars !
A grove of evergreens majestic in stance,
guardians from heaven … nature’s czars !

E’er watching o’er souls and life beneath,
from tops to roots deep in the earth !
Flow’rs ‘n grass, nestled birds ‘n boughs,
cradling the wonders of nature’s girth !

In summery days filtering suns wrath,
the fields beneath held cool !
In coolness of night hovering that be,
in mornings crisp, a silent jewel !

In weather times your limbs hold firm,
shielding bluster of heaven’s guile !
Bending gently whence winds doth blow,
stalwart strong of the woods all while !

Your legacy bound forever more,
thyne path ahead you’ll not tread alone! 
In the days aft in abyss high and o’er,
‘tis in our hearts wherest be your home !

 by Martha Reisdorf,  September, 2011

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