Monday, September 5, 2011

In Reverence of Trees

"Tall One" by Patricia Rush
From John Buday, Key Peninsula master carpenter;  "I have often had the thought when laying hands on large timbers laying on the sawhorses that I am about to work with the bones of a huge living thing that was brought down by an act of violence. That I need to respect the sacrifice, not waste the thing, see that it is put to the best use and that it is sustained in that use for as long as possible."

This article from the Seattle Times  speaks to our connection to the land and specifically to the particular way that old growth trees affect us... it's hard to put into words, you can feel it though and that's what we are doing here.  It's the mandate of artists; painters, poets, carpenters, musicians... all, to bring the intangible to life and in doing so, inform our choices with consideration for future generations.

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