Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kopachuck Forest Update

Orange block is Phase I area, yellow outlines the Phase II areas, park boundaries are in white.

Kopachuck Forest Health Update,  December 28, 2011

Parks staff has spent considerable time evaluating the extent of tree disease and developing a strategy for addressing the risk of tree failure.  The issue is complex and the agency desires to make informed decisions so extensive field sampling has been performed to pinpoint areas for treatment.  Trees are to be cut and sold in two phases:
Phase I;  remove all Douglas-fir within a tree length and a half of the ranger residence, office/shop complex, an area of approx. 6 acres.
Phase II;  remove all Doug-fir within one and one half tree lengths of developed landscapes (campgrounds, day use facilities, roadways and neighboring residences) that exhibit or are at risk of having laminated root rot.

WA Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) will be the agent for these two phases and has met with park staff to address specific aesthetic concerns including retention of understory vegetation.  Phase I is slated to begin by mid-January and be completed around mid-February.   Trees will be cut and skidded to a landing area west of the residence.  Phase II will begin as Phase I concludes.  Post harvest, facilities impacted by the harvest will be reclaimed and laminated root rot tolerant or resistant tree species will be planted in patches across the site.  Funds to support these activities will come from revenue generated from the harvest.  The entire park is expected to be open for public use by Memorial Day weekend.

This information provided by WA State Parks & Rec. it was summarized to shorten for this blog
Questions may be directed to;  Lisa Lantz, Acting Stewardship Program Manager, WA Parks & Recreation Commission  
(360) 725-9777

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