Sunday, August 28, 2011

Step to your right (brain) please

Lets get politics out of the way so we can all switch over to the right side of our brains.....

The decision concerning the trees in Kopachuck Park has been made by folks who have NOT taken their responsibility lightly...  They have educated themselves, consulted with experts in the field and made an agonizing decision with the best interests of the public and the park in mind.  This arts effort has nothing to do with that decision, nor is it in ANY way critical of it.  Our goal is to appreciate what we have while we have it and make the best of a difficult situation.  

If you would like additional information about the disease caused by Phellinus weirii a good reference is; "Laminated Root Rot in Western North America" by Walter G. Thies and Rona N. Sturrock, a USDA Forest Service Publication.  For more details about the Park Commission’s decision it's always best to consult the source rather than to spread un-verified information, please contact Peter Herzog, Stewardship Manager, WA State Parks and Recreation, 360-902-8652.   In case you're wondering, any money made from the sale of timber harvested from Kopachuck Park will go directly into park stewardship funding, with much of it already earmarked for replanting efforts at Kopachuck.

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